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New Office IT Relocation - The Importance of Getting IT Right

You have found the right building in a strategic location. Everyone in your company is stoked, but have you thought about the IT requirements for the new office?

IT and telecommunications are the lifeblood of every organization and it is vital for business owners to make sure their systems and phones are functioning properly, or it may result in devastating financial and operational consequences.

While it is true that moving your office can be a chaotic and stressful experience, with meticulous planning and an experienced team of IT professionals, we can ensure the relocation process is going to be as seamless as possible.

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1. Schedule a Visit with Us

We will conduct a thorough review of your new building’s network cable, access control, heating, cooling, electrical and structural specifications, before designing the optimal network layout to ensure your access points, routers, printers, devices, and server room are placed in the ideal locations.

2. Current Setup Evaluation

We will study your current networks and IT infrastructure in detail. This gives us an idea on setting the whole thing up in the new location.

Current Setup Evaluation
Communications Setup Planning

3. Communications Setup Planning

Let us figure out the arrangement of your communication systems such as the phone lines and power outlets, while you focus on getting your business up and running as soon as you have moved into the new office.

4. Data Backup Protection

i-Tech understands how loss or damage to your IT equipment can set you back financially, and we do not allow that to happen on our watch – we will ensure all critical data, including your servers, firewalls, and workstations are backed up before we make the move.

Data Backup Protection
Test Everything Out

5. Test Everything Out

Our job is not done yet after you have relocated to the new office; Our team is on standby to help you troubleshoot any connectivity issues, as well as answering any questions you have in your mind. The last thing you want is to experience severe downtime due to a serious malfunction of your IT infrastructure.

Ensure Your Corporate Move Goes Smoothly With i-Tech’s IT Office Relocation Services

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with an IT office relocation project. Engaging the service of experienced, trustworthy experts minimizes the risks of the move.

i-Tech Network Solutions Sdn Bhd has succeeded in helping businesses relocate and improve their IT infrastructures, and we can replicate the same result for you. Join more than 500 companies who have trusted us to help them navigate the ever-changing technological world — and let us help you take care of the important aspect for your office relocation!

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