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Comprehensive Endpoint Protection for Your Business

The global IT landscape is changing rapidly, putting critical business processes and confidential data at increasing risk from cyberattacks. With i-Tech endpoint protection solutions, you can spend more time on your business and let us worry about the security of your IT infrastructure. After all, that is what we do best.

Our robust endpoint security solutions provide highly secure endpoint security for all the devices in your enterprise, from traditional desktops and laptops to storage servers and mobile devices – giving you peace of mind while ensuring unidentified threats don’t slow down your business.

i-Tech Endpoint Security Solutions

Reliable Data Protection Without the Cost or Complexity

Security Tailored to Your IT Environment

Our IT engineers will install endpoint security software on your network servers and endpoint devices based on your business security needs to ensure your business is protected against current and emerging cyber threats.

Keep Tight Control of Your Cost

IT departments are constantly under pressure to reduce costs, but most companies did it at the expense of security. Our endpoint protection solutions can help to reduce IT expenses without compromising on data security.

High-Performance, Lightweight Solutions

Multi-layered endpoint protection technologies designed to protect your business from even the most sophisticated threats and exploits with minimal impact on speed or resources, and no conflicts with the current software.

No More Security Worries

With i-Tech Endpoint Protection Solutions You Can Mitigate the Risks that These Threats Pose to Your Business:

Business Interruption

Interruption of business activity resulting from a cyber attack

Financial Losses

Major financial losses as a result of ransomware or phishing attacks

Data Loss

Sensitive data loss due to social engineering or insider threats

Operational Losses

Significant operational losses due to cyber attacks

Reputational Damage

Irreversible reputational damage due to data leakage

Operational Cost

Operational costs incurred by deploying costly security solutions

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